Three Innovative Bait Makers

As an avid fisherman living in a densely populated part of the country where the lakes get a lot of pressure and the fish have seen thousands of casts with the typical baits, I am always looking for new interesting baits to try out on my local bodies of water. Here are some baits from three of my favorite brands that you should check out if you are looking for that bait that will give you an edge at your local heavily pressured body of water.

Rabid Baits

This company introduced something special to the soft plastics industry in the late 2010’s and that was a new take on hair embedded soft plastics. Typically only seen on soft plastic crappie grubs, Rabid Baits did something different by implementing hair in soft plastic gobies, finesse worms, and craws. The reason why fish cannot resist these baits is because of its action; the hair flows with the water giving it great action even when dead-sticked!

Rabid Baits Rabid Craw

My personal favorite bait from Rabid Baits is their Rabid Craw, it can be fished, dragged on the bottom with a ned head jig, or it can be used as a trailer on your favorite base jig. I feel like the Rabid Claw has a more “life-like” action than typical trailer baits. This one is a go to for me!


Tackle HD 

If you are a Hellgrammite freak like me, you are going to want to check out Tackle HD. Tackle HD is a tackle company known for there realistic hellgrammite and crawfish baits. What makes their baits different from the rest is that they 3D scan real life hellgrammites and crawfish to make molds for there baits. These baits are the closest you are going to get without using the real thing.

Tackle HD Hellgrammite

I recommend giving the HD Hellgrammite a shot the next time you find yourself in the situation to use a hellgrammite bait. This one is a personal favorite, and it never fails me.

Bio Bait

There is a lot to talk about with this brand and it is probably the one I recommend the most if you are going on a remote trip. Do you ever hear the phrase “leave no trace”? This bait leaves the least amount of a trace that a soft plastic can.

These baits are made with a special formula that allows the bait to bio-degrade up to 85% when submerged in water for about a year. Why is this important? Well, while fishing in remote parts of North America I feel that it is important to leave the least amount of an environmental impact as I can, and these baits are the best at that while also being exceptionally durable and well producing.

Bio Bait DNA Switchback

Okay so their baits are better for the environment, what else? Well, have you ever seen a soft plastic bait with the detail of a well-made crankbait? Probably not… Bio Bait’s DNA line of baits have details printed right on the bait itself, making them the most realistic - in terms of pattern - soft plastic baits I have seen and used. My favorites of the bunch are the DNA Swimbait in the Perch pattern and the Leech. Both are always with me when I take canoe trips into northern Minnesota.