Spring Bass Fishing Tips

After you have been stocking up on fishing gear on winter spring finally comes around and we all are ready to get back to our favorite bodies of water to toss out new lures and get back to doing what we love and that is to catch fish!

Here are our three tips we hope you will bring with you when you get back on the water this spring!

Think about quick depth transitions.

Bass have been lethargic feeding off of easy slow prey all winter long and they will continue to do so till the water starts to warm up! I recommend searching for bass in areas where it transitions from deep water to shallow water really fast, bass will come up to feed in those shallow areas during the day when the water warms up looking for an easy meal. 

Move around and cover lots of water

Wither I am fishing from a bank or from the boat I like to cover a lot of most times of the especially during spring when the water starts to warm up and bass begin to become very active again. I recommend moving around the lake giving each spot 5 or 6 casts and moving on till you get one in the net, then maybe you give that spot a few minutes and if you don't get another bite to keep on moving.

Water temperature matters

You know that feeling when you have been cooped up all winter and finally you get that one nice day when its kind of warm out and everyone is outside like its full blown summer outside only to have it get below freezing the next day and everyone goes back inside? Well bass are the same way.

On warm sunny spring days the bass will be in shallower waters and more willing to bite a faster moving target. While on cloudy cold days they will go back into deeper water becoming more lethargic, only to go after slow easy prey.