Bio Bait 8mm Bio Eggs


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Bio Bait 8mm Bio Eggs

The Bio Eggs from Bio Bait is an eco-friendly salmon egg imitation. They are infused with fish oil via Bio Bait's patented formula and can bio-degrade up to 85% when submerged in water for over a year! Bio Baits fish oil infusion process allows the scent to last much than typical dipping processes that most manufacturers use.  Worried about the durability of a bio-degradable bait? Don't be. Each bait is designed to be used multiple times on multiple trips, and they can be stretched, bitten, and twisted with ease! Just fish this how you would like any old salmon egg, and you will do great! We also had luck using these guys for panfish, put one on a hook for your little loved one, and they can catch bluegills for hours. 

What are the features of the 8mm Bio Eggs?

  • 8mm
  • Available in Orange and Pink
  • Can Bio-degrade up to 85% when submerged in water for over a year.
  • Their patented formula is more durable and flexible than typical soft plastics.
  • Manufactures Website:
  • Made in the USA

Prop65: Can Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm