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Rabid Baits Hair Embedded Soft Plastics

What is the Best Goby Fishing Lure?

The Best Goby bait on the market is the Rabid Baits Z-Gobi because of its insane hair embedded action gives a life like appearance in the water. It is a must have Bait especially if your after finicky Walleye or Smallmouth Bass. 

We all think these new baits from Rabid Baits are going to be the next big thing in Great Lakes Walleye and Smallmouth Bass Fishing! The Round Gobi is a invasive species found in The Great Lakes brought over accidentally by cargo ships in the 1990's making the Rabid Baits Gobi and Z-Gobi must have Finesse lures if your fishing in The Great Lakes. Given that these baits have a ridiculous action in the water with there Hair Embedded Soft Plastic designs unmatched by any other Goby baits on the market you should have no problem reeling in all the Walleye and Smallmouth Bass your heart desires. Did we also mention these baits are also American Made? Well we don't carry anything not made in the USA on here so that's a given, pick up a pack of these you wont regret it. 

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