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Black Friday Grab Bag
The Black Friday Grab Bag contains $80.00 of fishing tackle. You will save 50% off the retail price. Each bag is hand-picked by the owner himself. These bag are limited and when they sell out they will be gone forever.
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    1 product

    Zee Baits was founded by two guys in Pennsylvania that were simply tired of using the same baits that weren't durable and that fish have already been accustom to. They didn't know a single thing about making baits but they decided to make a go at it, with prior experience with wood carving they had a place to start. They made some rough molds, they made some baits, and sent them across the country to be tested by college tournament anglers and other nationally ranked anglers. They were excited to hear what a great response they had from the baits, the colors, and designs that they made blew the anglers away. They started to gain traction when those anglers friends started asking for baits to be made and the rest is history.  All of Zee Baits White Label products are designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania.