Product Policy

Every product we carry here at is either 100% made in the USA, hand crafted in the USA, assembled in the USA or is constructed in mostly American made components. Our goal at Lure Frenzy is to support small tackle businesses that make and design tackle that also support American workers. We do carry products that might have components that are made in other countries. Below we put together a list of disclosures about each company because we want to be 100% transparent on how each product we carry is made.


Bay Rat Lures: 100% made in the USA

Big Sexy Baits: Made in the USA by hand in Washington. 

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap: Made in the USA

Bio Bait: Manufactured in the USA

Dardevle By Eppinger: Made In the USA

Duluth Pack: Made In the USA

IRT Reels: Made In the USA

Fresh Baitz: Made in the USA

Liquid Willow Cat: Made in the USA By hand in Minnesota

Monic Fly Lines: Made in the USA

Nichols Lures: Made in the USA with High Quality imported hooks

Rabid Baits: Made in the USA

Reef Runner: All lures feature top quality American components and are molded and hand glued in the USA. (not completely assembled in USA). Cicada Blade Baits are Made in USA.

Tackle HD: Assembled or Made in the USA with High Quality imported hooks

S.S. Baits Co: Made in the USA by Hand in Minnesota with High Quality imported hooks