Monic Fly Lines Henley Intermediate Clear

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Monic Henley Intermediate Clear Fly Line


The Henley series provides anglers with the ultimate weapon for the clearest waters and the spookiest fish on the planet. Using the same technology as our Henley Clear floating line, now with a slow sink rate of 1-2 in/s, for when you need to get your fly slightly deeper. The head has been designed with density compensation, meaning as you move up the front taper and into the belly, the line becomes gradually less dense. This puts the very tip of your fly line the deepest in the water column, improving strike detection, and keeping the belly portion out of the fishing zone.

What are the features of the Monic Henley Intermediate Clear Fly Line?
  • Weight Forward Intermediate 5-9 WT Freshwater & Saltwater
  • MoniCORE Proprietary Monofilament 
  • Made for temperatures 45°F & Above
  • Weight: Half Size Above AFFTA Standard
  • Reinforced Welded Loops On Both Ends
  • Manufactures website:
  • Made in USA

Prop65: Can Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm