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Mepps Bass Pocket Pac - #3 Black Fury Dressed


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The Mepps Bass Pocket Pac - #3 Black Fury Dressed

The Mepps Bass Pocket Pac - #3 Black Fury Dressed is the perfect choice for either largemouth or smallmouth bass fishing. It includes three #3 (1/4 oz.) Black Fury Spinners. These spinners provide contrast under a wide variety of fishing conditions, due to the dots on the blades, as well as the bright late-turned bead and gold plated treble hook. This contrast allows for the Black Fury to be versatile, and usable during both the day and night. You can control the depth during the retrieve simply by raising or lowering your rod-tip, making them user friendly. These are durable lures as the bodies are solid brass, and the spinner blades are either silver plated, gold plated, copper, or polished brass. In addition, the beads resist chipping and cracking, and the flexible decals are silk screed with UV inks to resist fading. These lures are effective in both streams and lakes. 

Lures included in the Mepps Bass Pocket Pac - #3 Black Fury Dressed:

  • 3 Assorted #3 (1/4 oz.) Black Fury spinners

What are the features of the Mepps Bass Pocket Pac - #3 Black Fury Dressed?

  • Assortment of 3 Mepps lures carefully selected to target Bass
  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • Manufactures website:
  • Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described

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