Reef Runner Cicada Blade Bait

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Reef Runner Cicada

The Reef Runner Cicada is a versatile classic blade bait popularly used for ice fishing and open water fishing. Featuring sharp hooks, durable construction, and reflective stickers add a little bit of color to the presentation. This bait's action does exactly what you would expect from a weighted bladed bait. It vibrates in the water while also reflecting a ton of light, mimicking a bait fish's body reflecting light in the water. 

You can fish this bait in two really effective ways. The first way is vertical jigging which is where you find a spot where fish are stacked up, drop the Cicada down to them, and jig it up and down. This is how you would use ice fishing also. The other way would be to rip jig it. In that method of fishing the Cicada, you would cast it out, jig it up, and reel in the slack slowly bringing the bait in. Both of these methods are great for targeting bass and walleye.

What are the features of the Reef Runner Cicada Blade Bait?

  • Available in 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, and 1/16oz
  • 3 popular colors
  • Manufactures website:
  • Made in the USA

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