Nichols Lures Reflex Buzz Bait


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The Nichols Lures Reflex Buzz Bait

The Reflex Buzzbait from Nichols isn't your ordinary classic buzz bait... It is a buzz bait that turns heads that no bass can resist! The blades on each buzz bait have that loud squeak we all lust after in a buzz bait and are finished with Nichol's 3-D metal flake finish giving it that little bit of extra shine! These buzz baits also feature Nichol's Toothpick Keeper Collar, which allows a trailer bait to stay longer on if you are the type to use one.

Nichols Lures Reflex Buzz Bait


What are the features of the Reflex Buzz Bait?

  • Weight 3/8 oz
  • Available in Three Colors 
  • Manufactures website:
  • Made in the USA with High-Quality Imported Hooks

Prop65: Can Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Staff Pick:

I love the way these baits look... The way the metal flake reflects on you on a sunny day, just a work of art. All Awwing aside, these buzz baits from Nichols are just excellent! They perform the way you want a good buzz bait to perform, they make just the right amount of splash, and they squeak really loud. Annoying the bass causing those reactionary baits and surface blow-ups we all love! 

- Trent