Woody Dutch Oven - Deluxe Combo

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Bottom is 9 1/2" X 9 1/2" and Cover is 10" X 10"

Lightweight at about 7 pounds

Each half will hold about 8 cups or 2 quarts

Includes the grippers and cookbook



  • Durable A-356 Aluminum Alloy Casting
  • Attachable legs on the bottom to allow stacking Woodys
  • Lid has recesses for legs when stacking to improve stability
  • Both halves have ribs to resist warping
  • Cover can also be used as another pot or pan.
  • Lid has 2 lift tabs moved away from the center to improve cooking on backpacking stoves
  • Woody Grippers are used to lift the lid using the hole in the tab and will also work on the bottom
  • Use an Aluminum Foil Cake Pan for quick-change meals and easy clean-up.
  • No Seasoning is needed. The Woody is ready to use.
  • Woody Dutch Ovens are made in West Michigan, USA