About Us

I'm Trent the owner of Lurefrenzy.com, born and raised in Minnesota I've been addicted to fishing my whole life, and in addition to that, I am passionate about photography and eCommerce. My dream with Lure Frenzy is to combine all of my passions into a business and solve a fishing industry problem, gift-giving. 

There are lots of articles out there with "The Top 50 Gifts" to get fishermen but if you're shopping for a real enthusiast like me they probably have everything and it can be daunting trying to find something unique they can enjoy. That's where my fishing gift boxes come in. They are expertly curated and feature gear from some boutique brands that they cannot get at the big box stores, while also including some well-known brands they probably already love. So any fisherman could enjoy them regardless of how much gear they already have.