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Monic Precision Dry Stealth Fly Line

Monic Precision Dry Stealth Fly Line

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Designed with dry fly enthusiasts in mind, the Precision Dry taper offers precise, delicate presentations with an extended front taper. Its handling section and low-stretch Sensicore core improve loop stability and enhance sensitivity for powerful hook-sets. The Stealth Tip version with 12' clear tip plus blue line provides stealthy clarity for a nearly invisible line on the water. Henley Clear is naturally buoyant, with a formulation that minimizes shine to mask line visibility. Smooth texture-free surface reduces friction when shooting line. Line weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head to meet AFFTA standards or above.

Choose the right line weight to match your rod. Look at your rod to find its weight. In most cases, it will be a number with an abbreviation WT. next to it as shown below.

  • Designed for dry fly fishermen
  • Available in 3wt,4wt,5wt, and 6wt
  • Made in the USA 
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