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Monic Trout Master Fly Line

Monic Trout Master Fly Line

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The Trout Master Fly Line is ideal for anglers in search of a specialized trout line optimized for casting in any conditions. Its front-loaded design enables effortless line shooting, even under windy conditions. Plus, due to its more aggressive shape, it can easliy manage heavy nymph indicator rigs and streamers, yet still deliver delicate dry fly or dry-dropper presentations. In addition, its increased mass in the early belly helps with shorter-range casting, while its extended middle belly and rear taper grant extended casts with greater accuracy. For greater visibility, the taper transitions feature gradient colors: green marks the front taper, grey shows the mid-belly/rear taper, and light blue denotes the running line. Our Trout Master utilizes a supple braided fiber core, providing moderate stretch and shock absorption, while its low-memory prevents it from curving, even in frigid temperatures. Our specialized coating is designed for peak performance across all seasons.

Choose the right line weight to match your rod. Look at your rod to find its weight. In most cases, it will be a number with an abbreviation WT. next to it as shown below.

  • Designed for dry fly fishermen
  • Available in 3wt,4wt,5wt, and 6wt
  • Made in the USA 
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